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Tales from the Shadow Borderlands Pt. 3

I headed for the Apartment. It still hasn’t change even after all those years. The clutter of suburban life still littered the sticker-marred wooden doors and the gates still creaked when it moved and gritted against the rusty hinges that bound it to cream green cement walls that divided each apartment unit. Facing the streets that led to the barbed wire-fenced wild grasslands. The fires that licked its grass and blackened everything in sight still left its mark on it. Charred plastic and wine bottles dotted the black ground.

I went in through the apartment’s steel door and it slammed right behind me. There were so many of them! Blurry figures roaming in the dark corners of the room and walking around, as if they were alive. Their garbled noise filled the small living room. I climbed upstairs and headed for the computer room. The voices all whispered and talked about how it was haunted. The back door suddenly slammed again. It was already getting dark. The sun was setting behind the lone houses that stood in the shadow of the large trees. 

The computer screen lit up again and then suddenly tuned into pitch black as one of the ghosts left the room. I peered closer at the computer screen. Still, blackness. But in the dim light of the electric light post and the reflection of the computer screen I saw something standing behind me. I turned around, expecting to see who has contacted me about the case and what was really bothering me and I saw no one. My blood was running cold, chilling my vines and letting the breeze freeze my back. I could feel the cold wind and the darkness all around me.


Silence. A single dot of light shone in the screen. I stared at it. Again, a reflection of me looking at it and someone standing behind me. Clear and solid. I turned around and his eyes and met mine. He spoke and smoke came out.

"You really shouldn’t be in here."


He shrugged, quite a gigantic fellow. He then traced his finger on his bare and dark chest and it bled, opening a gash between him.

"Because whoever haunts this place bleeds no blood. It craves it. See me, and look at me closely. I am bound on this earth as do all who live in this house. We can’t move, nor escape. It is only I who tries to keep her in her place."

I stood back as the creature in front of me was constantly bleeding, his blood climbing from the tiled floors and forming new creatures, small ones. They gave me a smile… a needle-toothed one. The giant grinned and shook his head. 

"Her? Who is her?"

"Does your soul really have no fear?" 

The wind chimes clanged together but fell silent. The room got colder and darker.

"Just answer my question. Who is she? Her?"

"Your nightmare."

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