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I hurriedly scribbled my own solemn words, an oath of mine where I said I wanted to live in my own daydreams and to make universes out of the scenery from every window sill.

The hodgepodge universe of the Insecta, with their minute worlds were certainly de minimis to those who hovered above. The giants never really cared for those that thrived below. But they of six and more legs went on and carried on living among themselves. They had cities of their own, towering mushrooms and dandelion forests, cement deserts and pebble mountains all dotted every inch of their wide domain. They roamed the great sidewalk valleys and made mountains out of mole hills in the great exodus of life where they continued to march on.

Right underneath the surface was the woods, all hanging upside down from their own gravity fields. Meters above, there was another world. A world that danced along the buzzing black lanes. Eels and jellyfishes made a home of those tubes. Perpetually making cities filled with energy. The traffic of the air was filled with birds of every shape and size. Pilots of themselves, they explored every single tip. They pass and go and dipped and dived within the pools of destiny.

The whole world was a clock and I was a piece. Clicking, ticking and tocking. Every part of me was a gear. Every time I moved the rest moved too. We set our own rhythm, the beat was our soul. The dance was our life and we moved on and on. Spinning, swirling like the rose galaxy. 

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