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Anonymous asked:

You are not a loser. Never. And you are loved. I can only give you a platonic love dear, but for me platonic love is the best of the world. *hug* I'm too shy not to go anon

Thank you very much :) *hugs* It’s okay, I sometimes go on anon to send people messages much like this one. Stay awesome and lovely, my dear. 


Anonymous asked:

So basically i started go crazy when my crush pass by and he knows it. And now he's avoiding me because of it. What should i do ?

Okay, after me.



Freak out.

No, actually, try staying calm. There is a slight chance that you’re only thinking that he noticed your “going crazy as a heavenly sight passes by” moments. There’s always a degree of paranoia though, so just try getting into this mindset that maybe he doesn’t really know it and he’s just busy (or has been doing other stuff lately). But, if he is avoiding you due to something (might not be that going crazy part, who knows), you might as well live life and carry on. Crushes may come and go, whatever we gain from studying and real-life experience with friends in school and work will always be part of us. 

Thanks for asking and I hope my answer will be good enough for you. Stay awesome, my dear, and have a pleasant mornight!

"Are you man enough? Don’t act like a sissy girl."

When did being a “man” became synonymous to being strong? I see lots of strong females. My mom managed to raise us despite the scandals and heartache that has rocked our family. Who the fudge said being a girl is being weak? Women shaped our freaking history.

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