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Anonymous asked:

I heard it was someone's birthday... I hope you have a wonderful day, surrounded by the ones you love ^___^

haha, you heard right! :P Well, thank you, dear anon, for hoping that for me. Stay awesome! :) 


Anonymous asked:

Happy Birthday dear. I hope you have a great day. You deserve it :) you are wonderful and loved so much. Don't you ever forget that :)

Thank you very much for that! :) Stay lovely, my dear anon :)


Anonymous asked:

okay so which donut was the most delicious one? sorry for asking, I have a weird obsession with donuts :P

Haha. believe me when I say that all of the donuts tasted good! :) But my fave was J.Co Blueberry and cream cheese. I have this odd love for cheesecakes :P

Have a great day, anon. Stay awesome! :)

Sincerely, The Prince

Just gonna take this time again to thank you guys I just have to say, thank you times a million for being awesome! To all my followers, no matter where you are in this world and no matter who you are, I just have to say that I love you all and I just want to hug you tight and thank you for making me so happy. 

To isparksandbutterflies, my first Knight in the Order of the 32nd Point, thank you for your service and may we always live in hope and may we always dare to sacrifice.

Onwards forevermore, from here to eternity,

Prince Andrew West

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